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Welcome to MinimalBiz, where creativity meets functionality. We specialize in web design, photography, videography, and immersive virtual tours tailored for real estate agencies. Our passion is bringing your vision to life through compelling visuals and cutting-edge technology. Explore the art of digital storytelling with us.

Our Services

1: Advertising


Advertisment tizer

Creating the most creative promotional teasers with the best quality that can be played in any type of media


Logo design

Your logo is the personality of your company
Ask us for the most meaningful and beautiful logo design


Advertising flyers

We can promote your business in creative ways even with paper advertisements

Photo Graphy

Shooting and editing

Expertise in the field of photography and modern equipment allows us to record your best advertising photos

Video Graphy

Filming and editing

You can entrust us with the filming of your products or ask us to be by your side in all the stages of making the clip for uploading on YouTube

Visual contant

Visual content creator

We can give you the best advertising films with creative methods and the use of motion graphics, painting and simulated three-dimensional elements and combining them with real films.

2: Digital Marketing


design & develop

Minimal Biz can design your website with the latest available method and guarantee its visits. Then take over its support


Electronically commercial

The era of traditional business is over. We introduce you to the new world of business

Social media

Social media management

We create all your social networks from scratch and support them with full control at all times

Content creation

create all Content

The creation of content is done in a completely professional manner in the minimal biz collection. You can be sure that the most advanced equipment and the most expert people are used for this


Search Engine Optimization

We introduce the content of your website or social networks to search engines and we try to bring them to the highest level of recognition with great tact and effort.


Google ad
Youtube ad
Influencer ad

Minimal Biz can advertise your content on all websites such as Google and YouTube or display your ads worldwide through influencers

3: Virtual Tours


We offer one of the best Matterport, 360 virtual tours in Atlantic Canada.

No matter if you are a realtor, a  business owner or simply if you have any kind of space that you would like to feature we can help you 


A Matterport 360 Virtual Tour uses a combination of 3D scanning cameras and software to capture detailed, interactive, and navigable 3D representations of physical locations. The process involves scanning the space from multiple angles, creating a 3D mesh, and generating a realistic, interactive model of the environment.

These virtual tours enable users to "walk" through the space virtually, as if they were physically present, providing a lifelike experience. Users can move around, zoom in and out, and explore various rooms and areas, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the space's layout and features.

Matterport Virtual Tours have been widely adopted in various industries, such as real estate, hospitality, architecture, and retail. Real estate agents use them to showcase properties to potential buyers, allowing remote viewing without the need for physical visits. Businesses use them to give customers a sense of their store layout or hotel rooms, enhancing the online shopping or booking experience.

The tours can be embedded on websites, shared on social media, or integrated into various marketing platforms, making them an effective tool for engaging audiences and increasing customer satisfaction.

4: Software

Software for greater efficiency of your work

Minimal Biz can design software for your business and encourage your customers to communicate with you more

Advantages of becoming a customer of minimalbiz company



Minimal Biz can create your work and career from nothing! Just share your idea with us and leave the rest to us



If you have started your career, don't worry because Minimal Biz can redesign all your work steps and give your business a significant improvement.



Minimal Biz can turn your potential customers into actual ones. Just leave your marketing to us


Special mediape

Minimal Biz can handle all of your social media tasks, from content production to uploading, distribution, and support.

We guarantee the security
and protection of your information

Secure storage

Your work information is trusted by Minimal Biz and is kept with timely support and high protection

Stable growth

The progress of your project will be reported to you moment by moment and no one but you will be aware of the work

Full protection

The information of the company is monitored day and night with the strongest anti-spyware and malware software

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